Tired of Waiting For God to Move?

“For in just a little while, the Coming One will come and not delay” (Hebrews 10:37).

selective focus photography of woman holding black cased smartphone near assorted clothes

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What does it feel you’ve been waiting for–and praying for–forever? A new job? The return of a prodigal child? The healing of an illness? Or simply the day when we can again mingle freely, embrace freely, and dawdle in a coffee shop without germ masks?

God is never late, but He’s rarely early either. We time-bound mortals tend to get impatient with His timing, always grumbling that we’re “trudging through trials that seem to continue long past their seasons.”

For today’s reading, I refer you to Brenda Bradford Ottinger’s blog and to “Hope for the Hard Days,” the post from which the above quote was borrowed. Enjoy–and share, below, the places you find “beauty upon beauty” today!

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