Working With a Team, for the Christian Introvert

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Although no Christian should say, “I can’t stand people,” many of us are naturally introverted and can’t stand crowds. Or even “small” groups of ten people talking at once.

Yet if we’re to fully obey God’s commands to love our neighbors and join with our fellow believers, the day may come when we feel called to serve on a team of Christian workers.  How do we handle this without unnecessarily risking our patience and love against temptations to stress out?

Confirm Your Assignment in Advance

By “confirm it,” I mean confirm it privately with God first. Not every “I should do this” tug comes from God; the devil can use even Christian-work opportunities to lead believers into stressful situations that ruin them for their real calling. And sincere but extroverted Christians can get carried away in their zeal to pull in every possible volunteer, forgetting that not everyone shares their calling.

If you feel God may want you to join a large team, and especially if that thought follows on the heels of another believer’s emphasizing how much they need more workers, spend some serious time in prayer before adding your name to the list. Then if you still aren’t sure, get another Christian to pray with and for you. Don’t worry about taking too long and “missing the boat”; you’re in more danger of regretting your decision if you rush into it. If you’re sincerely seeking God’s leading, His perfect wisdom will become your perfect timing.

Know Your Teammates as Individuals

Although God frequently has us grow our effectiveness by stretching our comfort zones, chances are any team assignment He has for a naturally introverted follower will involve a fairly small team (or a subgroup of a large team). In a smaller group, you’ll have opportunities to talk to your partners one-on-one; take full advantage. Learn all you can about the others’ families, day jobs, leisure interests, life goals, and personal concerns. Ask if there’s anything you can pray for, or invite them to share coffee or a bird walk during mutual free time.

(A hint if you’re already acquainted with one or more team members: this is a good thing, perhaps even a criterion for accepting team assignments, insofar as it reduces your initial discomfort and tendencies to freeze up. However, it can also lead to focusing all your attention on existing friends, while ignoring God’s nudges to expand your view a bit. Get to know everyone in your immediate team circle.)

Know Exactly What You Want to Do

Not all introverts are super-organized types with “the more clearly defined my responsibilities, the better” leanings. However, virtually all types of introverts have strong need for perceptible boundaries. If you volunteer for any project that involves large groups working on a large variety of tasks, and it doesn’t come with a sign-up list of fairly well-defined duties, start by meeting with the project or team leader one-on-one. Explain that you’ll need more specific instructions than “find whatever needs doing and do it” if you’re to be effective in helping the project accomplish its goals. Be clear on what you’re best at and what atmosphere you work best in, and request an assignment that fits these areas. Don’t leave until you’re sure of what you’ll be doing and what you’ll need to handle it.

And don’t worry about being a bother by taking time to clarify your role; many more problems start when someone tries to “expedite” preparations by pretending to understand, then goes on to do all the wrong things or stay busy with irrelevant tasks. Remember 1 Corinthians 14:33 (NLT): “God is not a God of disorder but of peace.”

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