Benefits of Being Alone With God

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In the past two posts, I’ve talked about options for arranging private time with God. This post is for those who wonder whether that time is really necessary. What if you’re a natural extrovert who feels most spiritually alive worshiping God in a group? What if you get claustrophobic at the sound of silence? Would it really benefit you to meet with God in private?

It would, because:

You Need Private Time With God to Maximize Your Spiritual Growth

Praying as a team certainly has power (Matthew 18:20), but if you never pray alone, you may start letting others do all the work while you fall into the role of passive listener–or you may slip into praying to impress your peers rather than communicate with God. He has one-on-one things to say to everyone about their spiritual walk and individual purpose, and it’s hard to give your full attention to any one person (or Person) when you’re only two of several people in a larger conversation.

You Need Private Time With God to Sharpen Your Spiritual Hearing

Sometimes, even the prayers of others make too much “noise” for us to hear what God is saying to us. And sadly, many people prefer it that way: if they aren’t surrounding themselves with the chatter of other humans, they’re listening to audio broadcasts or watching video or indulging in the “mental noise” of reading/playing games/working on projects. Perhaps all that input you’re devouring is fully Christian and fully Biblical; but it still may be hurting your spiritual hearing by making human-generated words more obvious than God’s private words for you.

You Need Private Time With God Because the Spiritual Giants Did

Moses spent time alone with God. Elijah spent time alone with God. Paul spent time alone with God. Jesus spent time alone with God. If we genuinely want to do great things for God and become more than another face in the congregation, it makes sense to follow the example of those who accomplished the most spiritually.

You Need Private Time With God So He Can Help You Take a Good Look at Yourself

Blaise Pascal said many people are very good at making themselves unhappy by refusing to practice the art of quiet solitude. While times in a group or with loved ones can certainly be happy times, many people use the social-butterfly life as a means of running from their own selves: they fear that if they ever were alone and quiet, they’d find themselves in front of a metaphorical mirror and seeing the reflected image of a failure, a nobody, or a complete nonentity. Or that they’d hear a whisper telling them to let go of something they’re desperately addicted to.

The truth is, getting alone with God and really listening to Him can mean He’ll show you things you didn’t want to see or changes you don’t want to make. But He doesn’t consider you a nobody or a failure. And whatever He might ask you to discard, He won’t leave you with a hole in your life: He wants that space open so He can fill it with much better things, things of eternal value, great opportunities only you can make the most of.

Time with other Christians is important. But to fulfill your true potential, you also need time alone with God.

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  1. Matthew 18:18-20 – The Nazarene’s Commentary: The Authority of Two or Three | Belgian Biblestudents - Belgische Bijbelstudenten

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