7 MORE Ways to Keep Christ in Your Christmas

With less than a week left before Christmas, keep yourself in the joy and peace of the season by implementing some or all of the following. The last post focused on ways to stay aware of Christ throughout the season; this one presents quicker-to-implement ideas for getting yourself into the right mood (rather than a mad rush) to greet the actual day.

1. If you have any planned shopping or decorating left undone, do it NOW or forget about it. Sometimes the latter is the better option, especially if the list suddenly looks overwhelming in the extreme. Believe me, your loved ones would rather you present them with one small gift under a mini-tree in an otherwise bare room, with a peaceful smile and a warm hug, than have twenty packages shoved at them under Christmas lights glowing from every corner, by someone who is frazzled and irritable from scrambling until the last second.

2. Take at least one, preferably two, nights at home between now and Christmas Eve, to enjoy a light supper and an evening of quiet family time. Pray and sing together; share memories of Christmases past. Let the peace of God be with you without forcing it to compete with noisy crowds and heavy digestion.

3. Take a quiet evening walk if you can, or a drive, to look at Christmas lights or the stars. Let your mind rest from the rush and bask in the light of God’s presence.

4. Light a candle and meditate on Jesus as the Light of the World.

5. Give a “gift to Jesus” in the form of a donation to a food pantry or clothing drive. Don’t just send cash; bring something that can be touched and used immediately, preferably something bought new rather than pulled from the back of your closet. Wrap it and attach an “I give this to you as Jesus gave all I have to me” note, with a Bible verse.

6. Write a letter, a prayer, or a poem to Jesus thanking Him for coming to us.

7. Count your blessings daily. And thank God for giving us the greatest gift of all at Christmas.

Peace and joy be yours in abundance!

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  1. Margaret

     /  December 19, 2014

    Nice, Kathy.




  2. Jo Swank

     /  December 27, 2014

    I love this! Hope your Christmas was a joyous celebration! : )


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