Learning to Be Still

SUMMER SPECIAL! Posts from June through August feature selected poems from my e-book Be Still: Christian Poems of Peace for Stressed-Out Hearts.

A lifetime spent in struggling and in striving to achieve;
A lifetime spent in longing for the things our hearts conceive–
Such is most people’s practice; but for all our human skill,
So many never find the joy of learning to be still.

Small wonder that so many, when their human prime is past,
Will count their lives as over, or will try to just run fast
Pursuing childish pleasures; but the wiser, come what will,
See slowing as God’s blessing, meant to teach us to be still.

God calls us to surrender, to relax within His care,
To lay aside our struggles and to take some time for prayer–
Releasing all our death-grips on those things that can’t fulfill–
To sit with Him and find the joy in learning to be still.

And whether old or youthful, whether sick or strong with health,
Whatever are your worries, or how small or great your wealth,
His call goes to all people: “Find your blessing in My will.
Just set aside your burden; let Me teach you to be still.”

There is no greater pleasure than the praises of our Lord;
There is no greater gifting than the final, true reward
Of resting for forever in His final, perfect will;
When earthly days are past, at last our strivings will be still!

Be Still

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  1. jo swank

     /  August 15, 2014

    Beautiful…….thank you for sharing, Kathy.  Your poem has encouraged me and brightened my day! Peace, Jo

  2. Jerrie

     /  August 15, 2014

    Beautiful poem. I have shared it with a friend.


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