Trust in Our God

SUMMER SPECIAL! Posts from June through August feature selected poems from my e-book Be Still: Christian Poems of Peace for Stressed-Out Hearts.

Trust in our God, the great Maker and Lord of all living!
He gave us first breath, and through all our days He keeps giving:
He is our Strength; He will go to any length;
And He is kind and forgiving.

Trust in our God, Who can never be fooled or outsmarted;
He knows all things that will happen; all time He has charted!
He is our Power; He goes before us each hour,
And He completes what He started.

Trust in our God, Who sustains all the stars in their places!
He holds the universe firm by His laws and His graces:
He is our Peace; His blessings ever increase,
And our mistakes He erases.

Trust in our God, Who is never too proud to assist us!
None of the good things He plans for us ever have missed us:
He is our Joy; someday all pain He’ll destroy,
With Him no foe can resist us.

Be Still

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  1. jo swank

     /  July 18, 2014

    Great encouragement, Kathy!  Hope you have a good weekend! Peace, Jo


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